Wednesday 26 April

A chance to win by bringing coding into the classroom

Intimidated by the prospect of bringing code into the classroom? How does the chance to win a share of $10,000 sound? Cyclone has challenged New Zealand educators with the task of learning Swift, an impressive open coding language used to build Apple …

Robot builder brings bots and games into the classroom

Could a robot that makes tea be the inspiration Hamilton Boys’ High School students need to make the leap towards digital fluency? An upcoming visit from a clever coder who makes robots in his spare team could answer that question. Marcel van de Steeg …

Maori miss out on Internet promise

Maori miss out on Internet promise. A new study of digital inclusion has found Maori and Pasifika people, along with those on low incomes, sole parents, rural dweller and people with disabilities are least likely to be connected to the internet …

Family of girl banned from Māori language education granted leave for appeal

The family of a 7-year-old girl banned from Māori language education by the Family Court earlier this year is a step closer to having the case overturned. The High Court today granted leave for an appeal to be heard in May. Dr Pita Sharples, one of the …

Nikki Kaye relying on youth in new Education Minister role

Incoming Education Minister Nikki Kaye hopes to rely on her youth and lack of ‘baggage’ to tackle education’s big issues, such as dealing with the unions.

Kaye expects ‘healthy debate’ over Te Reo in schools

Any extension of teaching Te Reo in schools would depend on whether resources are available for it, the incoming Education Minister says.




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