Thursday 11 May

Labour and Little are on the horns of a dilemma over Maori issues

But while he may have offered an olive branch to Maori he was also wrestling with the reality of that very Maori voice in his own caucus – not helped by a dreadful Morning Report interview on charter schools where he just sounded evasive. Jackson is …

Accessibility and content engage non-Māori Māori TV viewers

Research has proven that Māori Television is playing a vital role in saving the Māori language. Key findings reveal that the increase in language use and understanding of culture can be directly attributed to the network. It’s shows like this that are …

Youngest female principal under NZEI

The principal of Bridge Pa School is currently the country’s youngest female principal under the New Zealand Educational Institute Te Riu Roa. At just 26 years,Rebecca Skerman accepted the role of principal after completing her masters in Maori …

Starting school at 4? It’s ‘too young’, Auckland principals warn

However, he said some North Shore schools were considering taking enrolments at the start of term and mid-term, so pupils would only be up to three weeks off 5. This could be less disruptive than the current system where students “trickle in”, Holt said.

Funding for mental health support in schools – is it enough?

A recent Radio NZ interview with an expert revealed only one in 10 schools had the resources to adequately support students struggling with mental health difficulties. Auckland University associate professor Simon Denny, who did the research, said it …

SC early childhood educators not convinced about letting 4-year-olds go to school

However South Canterbury Primary Principals Association chairwoman Jane Culhane doesn’t think the policy will benefit children, schools or early childhood education centres. “I don’t know that starting so early is going to improve the education outcome …


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