Friday 12 May

Labour and Andrew Little are on the horns of a dilemma over Maori issues

But while he may have offered an olive branch to Maori he was also wrestling with the reality of that very Maori voice in his own caucus – not helped by a dreadful Morning Report interview on charter schools where he just sounded evasive. Jackson is …

It’s her dream job yet Nikki Kaye still forgets she’s the Education Minister

Whatever that system looks like, the idea is to reduce the paperwork for principals and teachers while at the same time still ensuring the requirements around National Standards reporting continues. Teacher shortages are another issue she’s keen to …

Education is for everyone, not just the elite

Proposals by the National Party to ration access to higher education will once again make it a privilege only available to the elite, Labour’s Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins says. “Speaking at the Education Select Committee, Maurice Williamson …

Hipkins stance angers charter school operator – Radio Waatea

The head of a Whangarei charter school trust says Labour’s Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins has refused to come and see an example of Maori education …

New Education Minister Nikki Kaye wants to see ‘healthy, well-rounded’ students

Education sector groups welcomed the new approach after years of battling former Education Ministers Anne Tolley and Hekia Parata over having to report on whether primary school children achieved national standards in reading, writing and mathematics.

Updated early childhood curriculum welcomed by advocates

‘We thank the Ministry for their commitment to investing in professional development for teachers,’ said Ms Wolfe. ‘As with any curriculum, its true success is determined by the people charged with delivering its contents and those receiving the …

Unitec reports higher-than-expected $24m deficit

Auckland’s Unitec has reported a $24 million deficit for 2016 – $8m more than what was budgeted.

 Proposed changes to our tertiary education system

This bill seeks to affect the day to day running of tertiary education organisations (TEOs) by increasing the flexibility of funding for TEOs through changes to the Education Act 1989. It is proposed that TEOs accountability also be increased under …

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