Monday 15 May

Q+A: Andrew Little interviewed by Jessica Mutch

Labour leader Andrew Little on balancing politics and family Labour leader Andrew Little is standing by his partys stance on repealing the charter schools legislation if his party comes to power, but hes left the door open for existing charter schools …

Speech: Robertson – Labour Party Congress

And it’s why we are going to give teachers the chance to focus on what they do best- teaching, not the overbearing bureaucratic nonsense of national standards and meaningless government targets. And to offer all New Zealanders a fair share in the …

Time to address declining levels of aquatic education

Water Safety New Zealand (WSNZ) is getting behind International Water Safety Day and its mission to raise awareness around water safety education. It’s call to action – “International Water Safety Day is designed to help spread global awareness of the …

Cohort entry could worsen behavioural issues among primary school children

An “aspirational document” from Australia’s Charles Sturt University “suggests group entry offers an opportunity for communities to come together to celebrate, demonstrate the value of education, and build partnerships”, the report said. It noted the …

Room for Maori innovation in Labour education plan

Labour’s Maori candidates have been under pressure this week to justify the party’s policy over the schools, which have been pitched by ACT and National as the answer to low Maori education achievement. But Mr Henare says the focus on a few schools, …

Why home taught kids are performing better than mainstream education

It’s arguably the biggest trend in education and even teachers are shocked.Home educated kids are outperforming their mainstream counterparts in just about every area, according to NAPLAN results and other studies. And more and…

Exclusive: New plan for urban schools revealed

A new type of school will be considered to help cope with Auckland’s booming population – with land possibly being leased, no playing fields and students using community facilities.The cost and limited availability of green space…

The design of workplaces and schools

In big offices the environment is becoming more casual/flexible/free-form and café-like. They go beyond the open plan and hot desking: interior design isn’t about nice, comfortable spaces anymore but “business enablement”, “mobilized working” and “activity based working”. Urbanist Bill McKay discusses how new ways of working and learning is radically changing the design of our offices and schools.

Cultural components improve Pasifika learning

Although 80% of Pasifika students stay at school until the age of seventeen, they do not necessarily achieve high enough qualifications to guide them into the workforce or tertiary education,” she said. Pasifika Education Researcher Associate Professor …

‘Metro schools’ would lease land, use parks

Inner city ‘metro’ schools that lease land and use council facilities such as parks and libraries are being proposed by new Education Minister Nikki Kaye.

More students looking to apprenticeships as placements increase …

There were 43000 apprentices nationwide last year.

Tertiary education Bill passes first reading

The Education (Tertiary Education and Other Matters) Amendment Bill has today passed its first reading in Parliament, says Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Paul Goldsmith. “This Bill will help the tertiary education system run more …

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