Thursday 18 May

More Students To Be Taught By Well-Meaning Apprentices

Minister of Education Nikki Kaye’s announcement of $5 million over four years to fund more teachers in priority subjects through Teach First NZ highlights the lack of workforce planning from National over nine years…

Having teachers in classrooms will need a plan

The Government’s small injection of funding into Teach First NZ won’t address the workforce problems that are affecting New Zealand schools and students, the Green Party said today…

Campaign to protect public tertiary education

Staff, students and representatives of the local community will come together tomorrow at the Ara Institute of Canterbury to launch the TEU’s campaign to protect quality public tertiary education from a controversial law prioritising for-profit providers…

Charter schools: the case against

Instead of pouring money into charter schools that on average achieve only middling results, the government should be supporting educators who know what works, writes Lynda Stuart, the president of the teacher’s union NZEI Te Riu Roa…

Does NZ education policy align with recognised research?

Educator, researcher and parenting commentator Nathan Mikaere-Wallis of X Factor Education talks about the international research on what works in schools, and discusses how consistent New Zealand is with this research.




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