Thursday 25 May

Education budget a timid sprinkling of coins

“Secondary teachers who were hopeful for an education budget that looked to and planned for the future, for children and for teachers were disappointed today”, PPTA president Jack Boyle says…

$1.5b boost for schools and early education

Budget 2017 has delivered the largest injection of new money into education since the Government took office in 2008, with an additional $1.1 billion of new operating funding over the next four years, plus an additional $392.4 million of capital funding, Education Minister Nikki Kaye says…

$132.1m investment in tertiary education

Budget 2017 invests $132.1 million of new operating funding to develop the skills and knowledge needed for a stronger and more internationally connected New Zealand economy, Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Paul Goldsmith says…

Government answers schools’ pleas with billion-dollar boost

Minister of Finance Steven Joyce delivers the Budget 2017 to journalists and economists at the Beehive…

$21m boost for Māori language and culture

Budget 2017 will provide an extra $21 million of operating funding for Māori language initiatives to support the continued revitalisation of te reo and Māori culture, Māori Development Minister Te Ururoa Flavell says. $5 million of new funding over the next three years will lift whānau participation in Kōhanga Reo. “We know that Kōhanga Reo sets tamariki and whānau on a lifelong pathway of learning te reo Māori so it’s vital we provide support to improve participation and access,” Mr Flavell says. …

$456.5m investment in school property

School capacity across New Zealand will increase significantly as a result of $392.4 million of capital funding and $64.1 million of operating funding over four years, Education Minister Nikki Kaye and Associate Education Minister Tim Macindoe say. “This will provide six new schools, two school expansions, the relocation of two special education schools, 11 new special education satellite units and around 305 new classrooms nationwide,” Ms Kaye says. …

Extra help for children with additional learning needs

Budget 2017 provides $63.3 million of operating funding over the next four years to support students with additional learning needs, including more teacher aide hours and a new programme for parents and teachers of young children with autism, Education Minister Nikki Kaye says. “This Government is committed to ensuring that every child gets the support they need to be successful in life,” Ms Kaye says. …

Orewa Community of Learning officially launches

Having been endorsed by the Ministry of Education last term, the Orewa Community of Learning (COL) – comprising Dairy Flat School, Orewa College, Orewa Primary School, Orewa North Primary School, Silverdale School and Wainui School – is ready to roll.

No real commitment to great universities

Vice-Chancellors say that while the government has invested heavily in some aspects of New Zealand’s future it is yet to show a commitment to creating the great universities that will be central to the country’s future.


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