Thursday 8 and Friday 9 June

Budget 2017: Supporting Māori language and kura management

Education Minister Nikki Kaye has provided more detail about Budget 2017 funding for Māori language and kura management. $7.6 million over four years is being invested in Māori language in education curriculum resources, alongside $1.7 million to continue supporting the Boards of Trustees of Māori medium schools. During a visit to Roscommon School in Auckland with Prime Minister Bill English, Minister Kaye discussed what the funding will provide…

Educator Pem Bird humbled to be considered worthy

Pem Bird says he’s humbled to be considered worthy of a Queen’s Birthday Honour when many thousands of New Zealanders give so much of their time for others and don’t receive the same accolades…

Schools nervous about major policy

The Government wants schools to form groups and pay the best teachers more to lead improvements, but principals and teachers around the country say without big changes to the policy, it will fail.

Bright Futures – the changing face of New Zealand’s schools

As part of RNZ’s election year series “Is this the Brighter Future?”, our education correspondent John Gerritsen looks at the changing ethnic make-up of New Zealand’s schools.

Homework: burden or benefit?

Homework is the bane of many children’s (and parents’) lives – but for what ages and how much?…

Digital reading programme, no internet required

For 3 decades Sunshine Books founder Dame Wendy Pye has helped millions of school children learn to read. Wendy tells Kathryn Ryan how the latest way of doing this is a plan to sell affordable pre-loaded tablets to families in areas with no internet connections…

Pasifika teaching moves in positive direction with Tapasā

The way in which educators work with Pasifika learners is under the spotlight, with Tapasā, a new draft framework for teachers out for consultation…

Diversity underpins school’s Maori and Pasifika achievement

Its principal Brent Lewis said that while cultural differences may have separated students back in his generation, the diversity has instead provided a platform for students to engage and embrace each other’s differences…



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