Monday 12 June

Opinion: Phonics more important than ever in a digital age

Recently I gave a talk to parents about phonics. It was called Zero to Hero, and I explained that phonics could help children who struggle with reading and writing by showing them how to crack the code…

NZ’s slow technology uptake could affect education

The tech sector has concerns about New Zealand’s slow progress in embracing technology. Kiwi tech leaders are speaking out…

Language Lessons in te reo Maori

When Katherine Ellery took over as principal of Castlecliff School, about one-quarter of the school had a “decent amount” of te reo Maori. Five years later, that number has increased to three-quarters…

New approach accelerates literacy in bilingual children

New research from the University of Auckland has shown that pupils in kura kaupapa Māori-language immersion schools who have English introduced to their lessons gain a better grasp of both languages.

Insight: Targets and Standards – Schools After 9 Years of National Government

Nikki Kaye is the third National Party MP to call the shots in education since Anne Tolley first took up the job, and she is no doubt the school system is better off now than it was in 2008…


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