Tuesday 13 June

Call on Education Minister to back ‘water only’ schools

The New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) and Hāpai Te Hauora are calling on Education Minister Nikki Kaye to back ‘water only’ schools. Last year, The Ministries of Health and Education made an announcement encouraging schools to provide students with water and milk only.

Politicians at meeting to keep tertiary education public

Today at 4.30pm in Old Government House, Princes Street, Auckland, politicians and candidates from Labour, the Greens and Māori Party will address a public meeting to discuss National’s plans to change the law to funnel public money into private education…

New wellbeing strategy for international students

A new wellbeing strategy for international students will help to protect and enhance New Zealand’s reputation as a safe and welcoming study destination, says Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Paul Goldsmith…

Tom Nicholson: Zero to hero – why spelling still matters in the digital age

Recently I gave a talk to parents about phonics. It was called Zero to Hero, and I explained that phonics could help children who struggle with reading and writing by showing them how to crack the code…

$20m for state integrated schools’ historical property costs

Education Minister Nikki Kaye today attended the Annual Conference of the Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools (APIS), where she signed a historical $20 million property funding agreement. “This funding is being provided under Budget 2017, and recognises retrospective property-related costs incurred by state integrated schools as a result of past education policy changes,” says Ms Kaye. …

Educators send a message to future women

On Support Staff Day tomorrow (Wednesday 14 June), educators will be recognising and celebrating the true value of support staff, and sending messages to the women of the future. School support staff – and teacher aides in particular – are finally on track to negotiate pay equity settlements, 45 years after the Equal Pay Act was introduced…


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