Tuesday 20 June

Award-winning game makers confirmed for Games for Learning

The key players in the development of BAFTA award winning game, Never Alone, will be speaking at Games for Learning, a conference hosted by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) in August…

NZ Sign Language Matariki book digitised

Four Māori language picture books from the award-winning Te Reo Singalong series have been translated into New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL), including one about Matariki…

Principals warn parents about taking kids on in-term holidays

Secondary Principals’ Association president Mike Williams says parents need to realise their kids are missing out at school if they are taken out during term time for holidays. New research shows more than 36,000 children took a holiday during a single school term last year…

Teachers could be trained at both primary and secondary levels

A proposal to train new teachers at both primary and secondary levels to help smooth the transition between schools has been announced…

What is the future of kindergartens?

The Auckland Kindergarten Association is proposing kindergartens extend to seven hours a day and throughout the school holidays. Worried parents think this will change the unique nature of kindergarten, costing families both financially and in terms of quality time spent with their children…

ShadowTech – getting girls into tech mode

Ara is hosting Canterbury’s Shadowtech event on Thursday 22 June, which connects young women in years 9 – 11 at secondary school with women working in the tech sector, for a day…






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