Thursday 22 June

A Tale of Two School Types & Their Different Treatment

The release of the decision on accountability funding for charter schools, and the Ombudsman’s report on school closures, shows one set of rules for state schools dealing with vulnerable communities, and another set for charter schools, who were supposed to be accountable for their performance but are essentially given a free pass by the Minister…

ERO report suggests south Auckland school needs ‘external intervention’

The students of James Cook High School in Manurewa want a school that not only they are proud of – but a school that others also respect…

Full time school a no go for student with rare syndrome

His parents, Janine and Greg, just want him to attend Hamilton’s Fairfield College from 9am to 3pm yet a funding shortfall means he can’t…

Year eight student teaches MPs a lesson in coding

The tech whiz students are members of Code Club Aotearoa – a charity that aims to give Kiwi kids the chance to learn coding for free…


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