Thursday 29 June

Ministry of Education announces funding to create kaupapa Maori school in Marlborough

A school with a kaupapa Maori world view as its guiding philosophy will be created in Marlborough after almost a decade without any bilingual options in the region…

Teaching computer programming ‘incredibly exciting’ – teacher

The country’s teachers are welcoming the proposal to bring computer programming into the core curriculum, saying it will help set young people up to succeed in any career in the 21st century. Claire Amos is an English teacher and the deputy principal at Hobsonville Point Secondary School says the plan is ‘incredibly exciting’…

Teaching students digital technology doesn’t necessarily mean more time online

Preparing kids for a digital future doesn’t necessarily involve spending more time online…

Digital Technology – is This the Best Use of Scarce Funding

Digital Technology Funding – is This the Best Use of Scarce Funding Or is It Low on Priority Consdering the Real Needs of Te Tai Tokerau Schools?

Creativity Before Standard Mediocrity Say Principals

The announcement of a multi-million dollar government investment in digital technology for schools was warmly welcomed by the President of the New Zealand Principals’ Federation (NZPF), Whetu Cormick.


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