Friday 30 June

Digital technology a must for junior education, Auckland principals say

The funding supports the biggest change to the curriculum in a decade, which involved all pupils from years one to 10 taking part in digital technology education…

Education strategy released for consultation

Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Paul Goldsmith has today released the draft New Zealand International Education Strategy for consultation…

Rotorua kohanga among ‘the best of the best’

Rotorua’s Te Kohanga Reo ki Rotokawa has been named among the winners of the Prime Minister’s Education Awards, scooping the prize for Excellence in Learning.

Microsoft wants public-private funding of school devices

The tech giant Microsoft doesn’t think the government’s spending enough to make sure some children can make the most of new digital technologies on offer at school.

University of Otago fears free-for-all if government changes go ahead

The University of Otago fears Government changes to tertiary education could damage the international reputation of New Zealand universities, while unions fear they could lead to privatisation…

Digital Fluency – Open Letter to Hon. Nikki Kaye

High Tech Youth was the first in New Zealand to implement Prof. Resnick’s ideas on Digital Fluency, and in-turn we grew this across the country and then onto the North and South Pacific region…

Editorial: the Government plays digital catch-up

New Zealand children and their teachers must be prepared for the brave new world of coding and robotics…

Plea to support high quality early childhood education

The government appears to be ignoring concerns from early childhood education (ECE) leaders about its longstanding underfunding of high quality ECE services…



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