Monday 10 July

One year since speaking te reo Maori on Mondays

As part of a new study by Maori by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research on the revitalisation of te reo Maori, commissioned by Te Taura Whiri i Te Reo Maori (The Maori Language Commission), 32 people in Kaitaia, and 40 people in Matawaia who spoke te reo Maori, or supported speakers of the language, were interviewed…

More funding for new ideas in education

The government is putting money into projects trying “something new” in schools and early learning centres…

Educators: make all school children learn Maori history

Hot on the heels of digital technology becoming a compulsory school subject, education groups are now pushing to make Maori history part of the core curriculum too…

$2.2 million funding boost for innovative teachers

Nikki Kaye visited early childhood education centre A’oga Fa’a Samoa Incorporated in Auckland on Friday to announce a $61,000 funding grant.

Board appointments to NZQA

Minister of Education Nikki Kaye, today announced two appointments to the Board of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. Neil Quigley is reappointed as member for one year, whilst Justine Munro is appointed as member for a term of two years…

Schools Applaud New Job Offer And Training Package for Kids

Auckland teachers are applauding a new automotive academy that not only offers school leavers the chance to develop a can-do attitude, it offers a job to all those who graduate…

International nursing qualifications equal to NZ Level 3

Care and support workers holding nursing degrees from the Philippines, India, South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom now hold qualifications equivalent to the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 3)…



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