Thursday 13 July

School trustees focused on student progress and achievement

School trustees have a strong focus on strategy and most principals feel boards add value to schools…

The New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) 2016 national survey of primary and intermediate schools included questions for school trustees. The results show trustees identify the main elements of their role being to provide strategic direction, to support principals and staff, and represent parents and whānau…

Trustees say thank you to employers and community

NZSTA is pleased by the amount of community support and good will that exists towards school trustees, especially the level of support that trustees can access through their workplace either directly or indirectly.

The 2016 NZCER national survey of primary and intermediate schools shows that 76% of trustees who were employed said they had some support through their paid employment to do board work…

Spelling for success

Professor Tom Nicholson is a specialist in children’s literacy at Massey University’s Institute of Education. He tells Kathryn Ryan that a child who learns to spell properly is more likely to reach their full potential in life. Concerned that in an age of digital messaging spelling has become the ‘Cinderella’ of literacy education, Dr Nicholson says being a good speller is vital – especially for formal writing like job applications. He thinks phonics are the key to cracking the code…

Proposal To Increase Student Loans – More Than Meets The Eye

The New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA) says that there’s more than meets the eye with recent proposals to increase student loan borrowing…

Concerns public debate on new tertiary education law could be cut short

MPs could stop hearing public submissions on a law that will fundamentally change the way tertiary education is funded on 2 August, the Chair of the Education and Science Committee has suggested in a letter to the Tertiary Education Union (TEU)…




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