Wednesday 19 July

Which Kiwis are seeking the skills to pay the bills?

Tertiary Education Commission chief executive Tim Fowler says tertiary organisations are aware of the need to offer a variety of skills beyond technical competency.

Educators welcome new te reo in schools

The Maori Language Commission commissioned the New Zealand Council for Educational Research report, which proposes raising the status and increasing the use of te reo by making it a core curriculum subject beginning in Year 1 in 2020 until it is included in all levels up to Year 13 by 2037.

Young people have the power to stop bullying culture

A father who put an anti-bullying sign outside his daughter’s school to protest the physical assaults the 9-year-old endured at Waimairi School, in Christchurch, has reignited the conversation around the prevalence of bullying in this country.

Lagging salaries compound NZ’s teacher shortage crisis, union says

Christchurch Boys’ High School headmaster Nic Hill says teaching needs to stop being marketed as a “cruisy” job.

Education Ministry owns up: ‘We gave the wrong answer on special needs students’

The Ministry of Education has proved that students are not the only ones who make mistakes – the ministry itself has owned up to giving a wrong answer to Parliament.

Bluff Marae Taking An Early Lead With Kids Coding

The latest announcement by Nikki Kay with kids computational thinking being introduced to the school curriculum for ages 5 through to 10 is a long needed upgrade to an education system that hasn’t been changed for the last 10 years, is well overdue and some of the kids in Bluff aren’t waiting for it.






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