Wednesday 16 August

Education and industry collaborating on digital learning opportunities

Education Minister Nikki Kaye says the Ministry of Education has been working closely with the ICT industry on ways to enhance digital technologies learning, and is finalising criteria for the $6 million Digital Technology for All Equity Fund. “This fund is about securing providers who can deliver high-quality programmes, either in-school or out-of-school, which engage young people in innovative digital technologies learning,” says Ms Kaye. The fund will open for proposals from the technology provider market next month. …

Mental health screening in schools ‘won’t work without extra support’

The government has said it will put $23 million into pilot schemes to universally screen and identify troubled students, and provide them with fast, easy access to help so it does not get in the way of their learning…

New Zealand kids on their way to an A+ in financial literacy

Banqer co-founder Kendall Flutey says children start forming financial habits as early as seven years old.

How many primary students went to early childhood education?

Auckland children are among the bottom three regions in terms of attending preschool.




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