Tuesday 29 August

Free education is not just about university

The Labour Party has recognised that post-school education is broader than just university, by including apprenticeships and work-based training in today’s commitment to reduce the cost of post-school study.

Labour ignores real education problems

“Labour have reverted to cynical election bribery, trying to recapture the glory of 2005’s interest-free student loan announcement,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

NZ Herald editorial: Te reo should be first choice on National’s list

The National Party indicated at its opening campaign rally on Sunday that it knows it will not win this election simply on a sound economy. It needs to indicate what it wants to do if it is given another term. The proposal it announced on Sunday to teach a second language in primary schools is a good start. English-speaking countries are linguistically lazy, they think they can afford to be since so many other countries speak English as a second (or third or fourth) language.

Digital Capability: escaping poverty

20/20 Trust today released the Digital Inclusion Manifesto: All New Zealanders have affordable access to the internet and the skills and confidence to use digital technologies for learning, for work and for life.



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