Wednesday 30 August

Do parents want National Standards Plus?

Parent Karen Fletcher says National Standards Plus seems like the National Party is trying to come up with something new on National Standards.

Review of the Tomorrow’s Schools Model

Very Important People Supporting (VIPS) Equity in Education is an online group of students, parents, educators, and specialists advocating for a fairer inclusive education system for students with additional learning needs. Despite our diverse …Review of the Tomorrow’s Schools Model

Students’ association praises Labour education policy

The president of the national University Students’ Association Jonathan Gee says Labour’s education policy has probably sewn up the student vote. Jacinda Ardern says if Labour leads the next government, study grants will rise $50 a week and the amount students can borrow under the interest-free loan scheme will rise by the same amount. It will also bring forward its plan to cut tertiary fees so anyone starting next year will get their first year free. By 2024, that will be extended to three years without fees.

Nowhere near enough teachers, report finds

A survey of secondary school principals has found that schools right around the country are experiencing significant teacher shortages.