Wednesday 13 September

International student wellbeing strategy fund 2017-2018

The international student wellbeing strategy was released in June this year. It’s a multi agency strategy with 4 outcome areas to strengthen international student wellbeing. These are – economic wellbeing, quality education, health and wellbeing and inclusion.

Rotorua teacher shortage due to low pay and heavy workloads

Auckland teachers are moving to the regions to escape housing costs and long commute times, but there’s still a shortage of educators for certain subjects.

Education Leaders Announce Plan for Auckland Teacher Crisis

In an unprecedented move, four education groups representing New Zealand’s principals and teachers have announced a sector-lead plan to turn around the Auckland teacher crisis…

7 ways international students make NZ a better place

New Zealand is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world – so it’s no surprise that many international students choose to study here…

Safe, welcoming and inclusive schools are possible

Secondary teachers have released a discussion document about how to achieve safe, welcoming and inclusive schools for all young people, community members and teachers. Affirming Diversity: inclusion for sexuality and gender minorities will be presented…

Green Party to announce student support plan

The Green Party will announce its policy package for students at the University of Otago on Wednesday…

Digital technology to improve education for Māori and blind

Teachers awarded for using digital technology to improve education for Māori and blind communities

Teaching crisis: Schools propose radical plan to write off student loan debt for teachers to end shortage

Education groups are asking the next Government to write off student loan debts for teachers who work in areas of teacher shortages such as Auckland for three years.



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