Monday 13 November

Mid-life adults join teens in rush for free tertiary education

Mid-life adults are joining young school-leavers in a rush to take advantage of the new Government’s policy of one year’s free tertiary education…

School leavers face more choices than ever before

School leavers such as Dine are at the business end of their secondary education and, with unprecedented opportunities, are about to enter their next stage in life. But with so many options, many students are struggling to decide on their next move, and more are drifting away from study or work…

There’s a need for more Pasifika teachers in Auckland, educators say

To make an impact on the students of South Auckland, educators are sighting the need for more Pasifika teachers…

Zero applicants for teaching jobs: schools call for action now

School principals say they are getting zero applicants for some teaching jobs as the teacher shortage intensifies…

School bullying levels a disgrace

The Government needs to reduce the level of school bullying, which is a disgrace and among the worst in the developed world, the Human Rights Commission says…

How the new education minister can treat school leaders fairly

Set by the previous government, a one-size-fits-all proficiency target simplifies a complex picture of school success. Martine Udahemuka of market-oriented think tank the New Zealand Initiative explains how the new education minister can improve on the current system…


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