Friday 17 November

Govt reviews six contracts for new charter schools

Six contracts for new charter schools signed just before the election are being reviewed…

2 in 3 NCEA students severely affected by anxiety or stress

Two-thirds of New Zealand secondary students identify stress and anxiety about assessments as a challenge to learning, and about half believe they are not taught how to study or deal with exams, according to a new survey of nearly 6000 students…

Tertiary institutions brace for multi-million-dollar penalties

Tertiary institutions are bracing themselves for penalties that can total as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars each next month. The new government says it’s going to keep the performance-linked funding system, which has deducted more than 17-million-dollars from the tertiary sector since 2012…

Wellington College chooses Gregor Fountain as its new principal

The new Principal of Wellington College will be Gregor Fountain, currently Principal of Paraparaumu College…

Principal: Schools being asked to do parents’ role

A Dunedin school principal is increasingly concerned by the social expectations imposed on schools – and says some parents need to take more responsibility for their children’s actions…

Number of teachers applying for jobs in Auckland ‘worst in memory’, STEM subjects hit hardest

Auckland principals are concerned there won’t be enough teachers to go around next year, and certain subjects will suffer because of it…




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