Monday 20 November

Improving skills development in construction

We have a whole bunch of ideas and initiatives that we believe need to be addressed to improve skill development in construction…

Best for who? The pressure on school leavers to choose university

Thousands of school leavers will make big decisions this month, but a pressure brewing for years has skewed the decision-making process for some, writes Nicole Barratt…

High stress levels, not enough funding and staff struggles, NZCER report finds

School principals are in crisis as they endure long hours and struggle to manage their workload, a new report has found.

About two-thirds of principals worked 56 hours or more each week, and 42 per cent reported high or very high stress levels.

Only around a third of principals thought their workload was manageable or sustainable, the New Zealand Council for Educational Research found.

Top NZ scientist talks about entrepreneurship

What is the role of universities today? Along with discovering new knowledge and educating the next generation, should professors also be drivers of economic development? What is an entrepreneurial academic?




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