Wednesday 29 November

Changes in education

The Government is planning a range of changes across a wide number of areas of education policy and practice…

ERO Report Shows Value of Time to Lead, Teach And Learn

A new ERO report has shown how much more students can achieve when teachers are freed to teach and are given professional development to enhance their skills…

Uncertainty for parents around school starting age

Education Minister Chris Hipkins’ pattern of creating confusion and chaos continues with parents and schools being sent mixed messages about whether children can start school in the weeks before they turn five or not, National Party Education Spokesperson…

Rise in school absence rates ‘atrocious’

The ministry says the number of students regularly attending school fell from nearly 70 percent in Term 2, 2015 to 67 percent in the same period last year. Only 55 percent of Maori students were regularly showing up and 57 percent of Pacific students…

Bad marks for NZ approach to core subjects

Schools need to do more to reduce the number of children falling behind in core subjects like reading and maths as they get older, the Education Review Office says.


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