Monday 4 December

Deafening silence from Govt on details of fees-free – Goldsmith

Weeks out from the Government’s fees-free policy taking effect and Education Minister Chris Hipkins has still not given students and the tertiary sector the basic details, National Party Tertiary Education Spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says…

Partnership schools and students in limbo

Partnership schools and students in limbo Education Minister Chris Hipkins continues to treat partnership schools, their students and families with contempt, failing to answer basic questions and leaving them in limbo as the new…

Apprentices are better off than graduates

New research by Berl is questioning the widely held belief that a university education leads to a more successful career for a school-leaver than an apprenticeship – Apprentices are financially better off than university graduates throughout most of their careers…

Polytechnics ‘fragile’ and ‘under strain’

Polytechnics are under pressure with falling enrolments, bad audit reports and expectations that some will end the year with multi-million-dollar deficits.

Unis dismiss report comparing tradie earnings to graduates’

Universities are dismissing the new research that suggests the trades offer young New Zealanders a more secure financial future than university study. The BERL report points to data showing that apprentices earn more, buy houses and contribute to Kiwisaver earlier than their peers with Bachelor’s degrees. But Universities New Zealand says the research is ‘misleading’ for young people. Universities NZ executive director Chris Whelan joins us with his response…

NZQA agrees to talk about controversial maths exam

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority has agreed to talk to maths teachers about this year’s controversial Level 1 maths exam…






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