Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 December

Reading results show damage caused by National Standards

New Zealand students dropped noticeably in their reading ability following the introduction of National Standards, according to results in an international report released today…

Teachers, principals blame standards for reading drop

Teachers and principals are blaming the national standards in reading, writing and maths for a sudden drop in 10-year-olds’ scores in an international reading test…

Stressful job worth it, say principals who love their job

School principals deal with very high levels of stress, according to new research from the New Zealand Council for Educational Research…

Schools bursting at the seams

Masterton primary schools are bursting at the seams with some crying out for new classrooms to keep up with their burgeoning rolls…

Flaws in special education system kickstarts new NZQA-based academy

The training academy, a partnership with Hagley College for one-on-one learning, was a 12-week course for five Kilmarnock employees learning literacy, numeracy and other skills through NCEA Level 1 unit standards to improve employment opportunities for those with barriers to education…

Teachers seek to understand matauranga

Teachers have been wrestling with the question of matauranga Maori or Maori knowledge and how it can be brought into the classroom…


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