Tuesday 12 December

Alwyn Poole: Unpaid training contributes to teacher shortage

There is a teacher shortage in New Zealand and it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. However, it is has very little to do with annual salary…

National Standards have officially ended in primary schools across the country

Education Minister Chris Hipkins: “Since National Standards were introduced in 2010 reading levels of New Zealand children have dropped to their lowest level on record.”..

Children the winners as National Standards are dumped

Primary principals and teachers say children are the real winners now that National Standards have been officially dumped…

Treasury warns of ‘gap’ in school data without national standards

The Treasury has warned that there will be “a gap in systems-level information” on primary school performance because the Government has axed national standards before putting anything in their place…

Principals forced to slash teacher aide hours

An NZEI Te Riu Roa survey of 622 primary and intermediate school principals has found that 44% plan to cut teacher aide hours to meet budget in 2018, while 14% expect to be short of teachers and another 20% are not sure whether they will fill all roles.