Wednesday 13 December

Some Help to Fix Secondary Teacher Shortages

The Labour-led government’s package to address teacher shortages is welcomed by secondary teachers around the country…

Scrapping National Standards bad news for parents

The Government is irresponsibly and recklessly scrapping National Standards without having a detailed nationwide system of progression to replace it with, leaving parents in the dark about their children’s achievement, National Party Education Spokesperson …

Death Rattles For National Standards

“It’s a day to celebrate,” declared Whetu Cormick, President of the New Zealand Principals’ Federation (NZPF), as he listened to Minister Hipkins consign national standards to their death bed…

Principals Say Teacher Supply Package Overdue

“Today’s announcement of $9.5 million to boost teacher supply will come as welcome relief for some schools,” said Whetu Cormick, President of the New Zealand Principals’ Federation (NZPF)…

‘This is what it’s like’: boy’s video about life with autism

George Yionoulis is a nine-year-old boy with autism who wanted his classmates to understand more about his life…

NCEA’s main lesson: do just enough to suffice

It is not that hard to understand why New Zealand educational achievement is slipping, under most international measures, writes Peter Lyons.

‘Schools shouldn’t be finance companies’ – Principal

Four in five principals around New Zealand will stop asking for donations from parents if a Labour campaign promise goes ahead…



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