Monday 18 December

Free fees and changing degrees: The changing face of higher education

Nine years ago, when he gave his maiden speech in Parliament as a fresh-faced 30-year-old Labour MP, Chris Hipkins​ related how his time in higher education politicised him…

Opinion: Fiona Ell – “There is more to learning to teach than copying a good teacher”

Last week the Education Review Office (ERO) released a report about newly graduated teachers’ preparedness and confidence to teach. Confident and well-prepared new teachers are an important part of an education system, especially when there is a shortage of teachers and schools need to employ a higher proportion of beginning teachers…

Children with Learning Difficulties Missing Out on Support

Only school-aged children with extreme needs receive services from an educational psychologist. This means the majority of children and young people with a wide range of learning difficulties are missing out on timely and needs-based access to educational…

New design and communication degrees take a world view

New design and communication degrees take a world view. Wintec has launched new Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Communication degrees for 2018 to prepare students for a rapidly changing workplace…

Digital Skills Shortage Should Sound Warning Bell

A major report released today shows that New Zealand has a significant and growing digital skills shortage, primarily due to the speed and scale of the increase in demand for tech skills…

ERO to investigate special education in schools

Schools’ work with children with disabilities and challenging behaviour will investigated by the Education Review Office next year…



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