Tuesday 30 January

Children are the focus in new post-National Standards era

Primary principals and teachers look forward to a fresh start this year using robust and well-regarded assessment tools, instead of shonky National Standards.

Giving teachers a stronger voice

The new Government’s programme to raise the status of the teaching profession and restore trust and confidence will take another step forward today when Parliament votes to give teachers back the right to elect representatives to their own professional body, Education Minister Chris Hipkins says…

New ways of teaching swimming survival skills

A leading University of Otago water safety expert Associate Professor Chris Button is eager to see if children who took part in a novel new water safety programme will retain crucial survival skills they’ve learned over the holiday break…

Education Minister Chris Hipkins’ advisory group ready to begin NCEA review

An NCEA advisory group will meet for the first time this week as the Government throws the qualification system into the public spotlight for a full review…

Members include: Te Awamutu College principal Barbara Cavanagh, Ahu Whakamua Limited director Pauline Waiti, Michelle Dickinson – known as Nanogirl, New Zealand Union of Students’ Association national president Jonathan Gee, Auckland University of Technology student Arizona Leger and New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) for assessment, design, and reporting senior researcher and manager Charles Darr.

Democracy returns to Education Council at last

Secondary teachers are starting the new school year with the good news that democracy is being restored to the Education Council. Teachers will again have the right to elect their own representatives. PPTA and teachers around the country have been campaigning since 2014 against the previous government’s decision to remove elected positions from the council…

NZ government spending on education continues to grow

A total of 80,000 Kiwis will be eligible for free tertiary education for their first year, in the Government’s new scheme.

New Zealand public spending on education remains among the highest in the OECD…

NCEA review welcome amidst concerns students are over-assessed

EDITORIAL: The National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA), the primary national qualification for secondary students, is being reviewed this year. Expect to hear a lot about its strengths and possible failings as a public consultation process gets under way in April…


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