Friday 2 February 2018

Corporate world enticing te reo Māori educators away from classroom

Better pay and smaller workloads are seeing any Māori language teachers swapping the classroom for the boardroom, the New Zealand Principals’ Federation says.

New nature-based school on North Shore challenges mainstream education

A new Auckland primary school using the nature for a classroom will open its doors to students for the first time on Wednesday, February 7.

International educators react to limits on overseas students

The international education sector is pushing back against moves to crack down on the ability on overseas students to get job and then settle permanently in New Zealand.

How many new students are taking out a student loan in NZ?

A strong labour market has driven a decrease in tertiary enrolments and uptake of studentloans since 2010, the Ministry of Education says.

Timaru’s Bluestone School turns away 103 pupils in past year

Timaru’s Bluestone School as had to turn away 103 children in the past year because of school zoning restrictions.

Twenty questions to ask your kids that aren’t ‘how was your day?’

Instead, why not try these thought-provoking questions that will help you learn more about what’s happening with your kids and may even result in some memorable after school yarns and bonding.




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