Monday 5 February

Transparency needed on partnership schools

It has become clear that the Government’s policy against partnership schools has put some of the schools that were due to open in a position where they have had to choose not to proceed, National’s Education spokesperson Nikki Kaye says…

A stronger voice for teachers one step closer

The new Government’s Bill to raise the status of the teaching profession and restore teachers’ trust and confidence in it, passed its first reading in Parliament last night, Education Minister Chris Hipkins says…

School Report: Figuring out life after National Standards

Today, Stuff publishes what will be the last full set of National Standards academic results made publicly available. Stuff Projects Editor John Hartevelt, who led the creation of the School Report site in 2012, reflects on the demise of the most hotly debated education initiative of the last decade.

The case for communicating clearly to parents how their kids were going was sound. It seemed to work. A New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) survey in 2016 found 82 per cent of parents and whānau agreed or strongly agreed they understood the National Standards information in their child’s school report. The same proportion agreed the school was helping their child make progress against the standards…

Pin pulled on Māori partnership school

The Blue Light Lodge at Wairakei was to have been the site of a new partnership school.

Blue Light Ventures has pulled the pin on its Māori-focused partnership school near Taupō at the last minute…

Indigenous languages touted as subject for public schools

Including First Nations languages in public schools would be an easy but enormous step forward in the Truth and Reconciliation process, says a University of Victoria Indigenous scholar and co-author of a new book…

Schools split on Government’s plan to overhaul donation system

Some schools have ditched school donations, while others ask for more than $400 per child…





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