Wednesday 14 February

Focus on students main thing in Partnership Schools debate

2018 promises many changes for the school sector, including changes to the status of Partnership Schools which is currently before parliament…

Young coders to school Digital Nations Conference delegates

During their lunch break, tech leaders, social innovators, government officials, and future thinkers at the Digital Nations 2030 conference will get schooled. Twenty kids from Code Club Aotearoa will take delegates through a lesson in Scratch, a programming language designed especially for 8 to 16 year olds, but used by people of all ages…

Eminent social anthropologist named 2018 Stout Research Centre JD Stout Fellow

Eminent social anthropologist Associate Professor Jacqueline Leckie has been appointed as the Victoria University of Wellington Stout Research Centre for New Zealand Studies JD Stout Fellow for 2018…

Charter school lays complaint with Ministry of Education about Kelvin Davis

Labour deputy leader and Kelvin Davis has had a complaint laid against him by a charter school that is questioning what involvement he has with another charter school while negotiations around their closure are going on. Davis is also the associate education minister…

UK-trained teachers frustrated by hassle of getting into NZ classrooms

Experienced early childhood teacher Donna Hayday is also out of her preferred profession after her UK qualifications were not accepted and she was told she would have to complete a three-year degree…

Wellington intermediate school drops makeup class after complaints from parents

Evans Bay Intermediate School came under fire when it added a makeup tutorial to its list of elective classes for the year…

Literacy service struggles to cope with growing demand

Literacy Marlborough volunteer Jane Vial hopes people can help out as demand for the service grows…



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