Tuesday 20 February

National complains to Auditor-General about Government’s handling of partnership school issue

National Party education spokesperson Nikki Kaye and Education Minister Chris Hipkins have butted heads, almost continuously, over charter schools since the change of government…

Council launches Hutt Science initiative in Upper Hutt

Hutt Science, which has been successfully operating in Hutt City since 2015, is now available to Upper Hutt primary and intermediate schools. The programme was officially launched today at a gathering at Upper Hutt City Council. Local school principals and senior staff members were in attendance…

NCEA review: Let’s address quality

OPINION: Education Minister Chris Hipkins has announced there will be a review of NCEA this year.

The Terms of Reference for this review identify five key areas of focus: wellbeing, equity, coherence, pathways and credibility. The Minister has stated that the two most important issues to address are the overassessment of students and the workload of teachers…

‘Kōhanga Reo chronically underfunded’

In an interview with Māori TV’s show Kawekōrero, historian Paul Moon says that the solution to help strengthen te reo Māori is to dramatically fund Kōhanga Reo and to make it a nationwide organisation. He goes on to say there is a need to create a demand where Te Reo Māori can be spoken on a daily basis…

Primary pupils’ maths skills ‘dropping alarmingly’, report finds

A new report has found schools that improve maths teaching and remove streaming were more successful in reversing a “worrying” downward trend in children’s maths abilities…


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