Thursday 22 February

CPAG welcomes new and improved Tomorrow’s Schools

A new Education Work Programme that focuses on inclusive education, reducing barriers to participation and improving children’s outcomes is welcomed by Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG).

We’re looking forward to the education conversation

The Industry Training Federation welcomes the government’s three-year work programme for education announced today, and looks forward to engaging with the government in its wide-ranging summit process…

‘Grossly inequitable’ fees-free warning from universities

Universities have warned fees-free study could push some students to apply for courses they are unlikely to pass…

Boards of Trustees could be scrapped in education reform

The way schools choose their principals and manage their finances could change as sweeping education reforms are announced. Shane Cowlishaw reports…

More education ideology from Labour

Labour’s ideological opposition to privately delivered services has reared its ugly head with the removal of a clause in the Education (Tertiary Education and Other Matters) Amendment Bill that treats public and private providers of tertiary education equally, National’s Tertiary Education spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says…

Enthusiastic response to government work plan from Trustees

The government’s work plan for education, released yesterday, presents some exciting opportunities to progress issues that boards of trustees have been concerned about for some time says NZSTA President, Lorraine Kerr…

Te reo wananga at Muriwai Marae

GROWING te reo Maori through language planning is the focus of a wananga that will be held at Muriwai Marae this weekend…

Bill lodged to replace decile system

A Members’ Bill to replace the school decile system with a needs index to better target funding to the children and young people most at risk of not achieving has been lodged today by East Coast Bays MP Erica Stanford…

What do principals want from education review?

The government is reviewing the Tomorrow’s Schools system that underpins the way more than 2000 state schools are governed and managed. It might bring major changes, or it might tweak around the edges. What do principals want? To talk more about this are two principals: Sandra McCallum of Wellington’s Mt Cook School and Tim O’Connor of Auckland Grammar…

Major education shake-up to review ‘Tomorrow’s Schools’

The government’s planning a three-year makeover of the education system with the aim of ensuring the sector keeps pace with the modern world. In its sights are home-based early childhood education, school property, struggling polytechnics and the Tomorrow’s Schools system that has underpinned more than 2,000 schools since 1989. Education Minister Chris Hipkins says too much education policy is rooted in the past and the government wants to make major changes. Education correspondent John Gerritsen tells us what it all means…

Fees-free not wasted with new course comparison site

A website, 2 years in the making, by two former students is making it easier for school-leavers to choose what tertiary course is right for them…


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