Tuesday 27 February

Chronic teacher shortage laid bare

New figures out today show how the National Government failed schools and students – with the number of people enrolled in teacher training dropping by a massive 40% under its watch, Education Minister Chris Hipkins says…

Survey to develop a free database of te reo Māori activities

Te Mātāwai, the independent statutory entity that is charged with supporting te reo Māori revitalisation in homes and communities on behalf of iwi, Māori and Māori language communities, has commissioned the New Zealand Council for Educational Research to develop the online survey as part of a wider Māori language revitalisation research programme…

Bali Haque: The failure of the National Standards system

OPINION: Weighing a pig won’t make it fatter. Sounds obvious I know, but the sentiment is actually quite important, as a national debate about measuring the performance of government agencies gets under way…

Primary school leaders’ workload at dangerous levels

A second independent, in-depth health and wellbeing survey of primary school principals and senior leaders has found the sheer quantity of work is seriously affecting their health and taking time away from leading their school’s teaching and learning.



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