Monday 5 March

NCEA an ‘alluring facade’

With public consultation on the future of NCEA looming, a new report suggests the system has created a “safe passage” for students to graduate with a poor education. Shane Cowlishaw reports…

School Report: Figuring out life after National Standards

Today, Stuff publishes what will be the last full set of National Standards academic results made publicly available. Stuff Projects Editor John Hartevelt, who led the creation of the School Report site in 2012, reflects on the demise of the most hotly debated education initiative of the last decade…

New Zealand’s inclusive education policy draws attention, visit from Thai principals

About 20 principals from Thailand visited Aorere College in south Auckland.

Aorere College was the only south Auckland school visited by a delegation of 20 principals from Thailand…

Education experts say New Zealand needs major shake-up to boost the achievement rates of Maori

Education professionals say in order to boost the achievement rates of Maori students there needs to be a major shake up…

Time to discuss ‘quality’ ECE and define it

Here, in New Zealand, we have a world-class ECE curriculum to implement, Te Whaariki, and a high uptake of ECE services. We also have a model that offers variety of ECE services and parental choice. Those delivering ECE provide care, dedication, teaching, and community and family connection.



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