Friday 16 March

500 tutors for MyTuition

Auckland education startup MyTuition has hit a new milestone: 500 tutors throughout New Zealand.

Bring back Science Education Community Programmes in Chch

Science Alive! started in 1991 as a not-for-profit trust promoting science and technology, through interactive experiences. The Science Centre was lost to earthquakes but have continued their important work with outreach programmes and events within the community. They ran the annual Under 5 Fest, Big Science Day, Science Snippets in the Libraries, Science Education visits in Schools and Holiday Programmes…

Why is Hipkins Hiding the Final Charter Schools Report?

ACT Leader David Seymour is questioning why Education Minister Chris Hipkins is suppressing the final Martin Jenkins evaluation of charter schools…

First South Island School Takes Part in 100 Schools Project

The hand-eye coordination of students at a Dunedin school has been put to the test drafting sheep on a farm…

‘Education doesn’t encourage creativity’

The education system does not value creativity enough, says a business commentator.

Chanelle O’Sullivan​ was one of five speakers at a creativity breakfast seminar,  one of 10 events being held as part of the Manawatū-hosted Agri Food Week…

Teachers say put more reo in schools

Teachers are calling to put te reo and kapa haka into school following the ‘Education matters to me’ report that was released by the Children’s Commissioner which said some students experience racism in school…

Ending school donations unrealistic

Labour must come up with more cash if it is to go ahead with its unrealistic plan to end school donations, with data showing that over $130 million in donations was paid in 2016 – almost twice the estimated cost of Labour’s Policy….




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