Thursday 22 March

National complains to Auditor-General about Government’s handling of partnership school issue

National Party education spokesperson Nikki Kaye and Education Minister Chris Hipkins have butted heads, almost continuously, over charter schools since the change of government…

Child wellbeing research institute launches with project to address oral skill deficiency among two-thirds of pupils

A new learning institute aims to address why two out of three children in east Christchurch have worse oral language skills than their peers…

David Seymour and “School Choice”

The ACT Party’s ideological bent for privatisation is clear when David Seymour talks about the government’s decision to “take school choice away” from kids if his charter school model is abolished.

Regular surveys of New Zealand parents carried out by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research, have consistently found that approx. 90% of both primary school and secondary school parents state that their child is attending the school of their choice.

Minister called on to reform tertiary education funding

Students, staff, and Vice-Chancellors have come together to call on the Minister for Education, Chris Hipkins, to work with the sector to change the existing funding model for tertiary education

Fewer teachers, more pupils as teaching crisis looms

Teachers across the country are banding together to warn the public of a looming crisis in education; fewer teachers and more pupils…

Government announces extra funding for teacher refresher courses after original money snapped up

The government has been forced to add extra funding to a teacher refresher course after initial funding dried up within three months of the teacher supply package being announced…


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