Monday 9 April

Digital Futures in the Education System

Sir Peter Gluckman, the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor, together with Professor Stuart McNaughton, Science Advisor to the Ministry of Education have released a commentary on Digital Futures and Education. Drawing on the available evidence about access to and use of digital technology in schools and out of school, the paper considers both the risks as well as potential benefits for children’s development and learning…

ECE: Govt looks to turn tide away from privatised education

The government has warned the early childhood sector it could step in to limit the detrimental effects of competition and it wants to turn the tide away from privatised education…

National tech competition for school students launches today

Deputy Secretary Early Learning and Student Achievement Ellen MacGregor-Reid welcomes the launch of an exciting new digital technologies championship today. This will be open to all New Zealand school students, and designed to encourage greater participation in digital technologies learning…

Charter schools a success, say parents in report ahead of potential closures

Parents, families and whānau are singing the praises of charter schools in the last of a three-year study into how the system works, a report says.

The report, commissioned under the previous Government, is the third of a series which has been released as Labour pressures charter schools to join the state system or face closure…

Struggling schools cut teacher aide hours to keep up with minimum wage increase

Ross Intermediate principal Wayne Jenkins says funding for teacher aides needs to be addressed.

Schools are faced with cutting teacher-aide hours in a dramatic move prompted by the recent rise in the minimum wage, which wasn’t matched with an increase in funding…

Ministry of Education withholding complaints about early childhood centres ‘tarnishes’ industry, organisation claims

Hundreds of complaints of wrongdoing in early childcare centres have gone unreported by the Ministry of Education…

Te reo Māori and sign language in preschools should be a no-brainer

OPINION: My 2-year-old son learns more in a day than I do in a month. He can already switch from French to English, sing in te reo Māori and count to ten in all three languages (albeit not necessarily in the right order)…



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