Tuesday 17 April

The basic flaw in our education system

English and History are the casualties of the lottery that is our National Curriculum. The selection of topics depends upon teachers and schools. Some students may receive a rich dose of English or History or similar subjects such as Te Reo or Music. Others may get little. The tragedy is that those who are already disadvantaged are more likely to get less of this rich knowledge that leads to success…

Ministry of Education decline thousands of funding applications for kids with special needs

Well-behaved autistic children are falling through the cracks because they can’t get government funding, according to a Hamilton-based clinical psychologist…

Stepping Stone into Trades Careers for Dyslexic Youth

A new training programme kicks off in South Auckland later this month to help youth with Dyslexia launch careers in engineering and welding…

Concerns raised about NCEA level 1 as review takes place

Fairfield College principal Richard Crawford says the school is turning years 11 and 12 into a “two-year journey”, rather than focusing on passing NCEA levels 1 and 2…

Replacement found for Stage Challenge

Hundreds of young musicians and performers will get their first shot at stardom at new school arts events later this year, Education Minister Chris Hipkins said today…

Survey shows strong public support for big teacher pay rise in New Zealand

New research has shown strong public support for more government spending on public education, including a significant pay rise for teachers and more support for children with additional learning needs…

Palmerston North Boys’ High School students may not get NCEA level 1 in 2019

Palmerston North Boys’ High School rector David Bovey says not offering NCEA level 1 could benefit students and teachers…


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