Wednesday 2 May

Need for funding of special needs role in schools

A new survey shows that many of our most vulnerable children are missing out at school because there is not enough funding to give them the one-on-one support and resources they need to thrive and succeed…

‘My child is not a guinea pig’: Parents want proof ‘experimental’ classrooms work

Blenheim mother-of-three Kia King, with her youngest son Kieran, is on a quest for evidence about modern learning environments…

NZ Universities say online learning will not be the end of degrees

A growing cohort of Australian graduates are leaving university environment with more debts and few job prospects, the report says…

Rates of youths not earning or learning converge

One in eight young people aged under 25 is not earning or learning, Stats NZ said today…

Simon Bridges won’t commit to means testing students or ending fees-free, but says a change is likely

National leader Simon Bridges has repeatedly criticised Labour’s $2.8b tertiary educationpolicy, but won’t commit to ending it if elected in 2020…

Sticks and Stones: School bullying rates may reflect an intolerant culture

Children’s inability to develop empathy until adolescence does not mean bullying is part of human nature, a registered psychologist says…

Ministry targets unconscious bias against Māori students

Principals at schools that have targeted unconscious bias against Māori students are welcoming a plan to do so nationwide, but a union warns it could alienate teachers…

Parents pay for teacher aides and support at one in 10 NZ primary schools

Parents are being asked to pay for at least part of the cost of teacher aides and support for their children at one in every 10 state primary schools, a new survey has found…



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