Friday 4 May

School classrooms need some love if we want our education system to stay superior

School classrooms should be warm and dry, just like New Zealand homes and hospitals. OPINION: World-leading. First-class. Superior…

Education Minister says there’s a $1.1b problem facing schools nationally

Education Minister Chris Hipkins says the funding issues he’s facing in the education system are “eye-watering”…

Maori children learning te reo better in low decile schools

Children from low and mid-decile schools have recorded the highest average scores in a national test of te reo Maori. The National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement assessed children in Years 4 and 8 in 2016. It says by Year 8 the average scores for children from low-decile schools were two years ahead of those from high-decile schools. Myles Ferris is from Te Akatea, the association of Maori school principals. He discusses the issue with Guyon Espiner…

$6 billion hole in tertiary education

Students could be left without places to study in their local communities because of an emerging $6 billion funding crisis, the Tertiary Education Union (TEU) warned today…



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