Monday 7 May

First step towards fixing long-term teacher shortage

An education workforce strategy started today is the first major step towards tackling a looming teacher shortage that threatens to engulf our schools if action is not taken, Education Minister Chris Hipkins said today…

Leaders to guide the future of education in NZ

A diverse group of knowledgeable and passionate New Zealanders will help guide the nationwide conversation on how to make our education system the best in the world, Education Minister Chris Hipkins said today…

Raising a generation who ‘know how to take care of their environment’

Little Doves in Albany was built with teaching children about the environment in mind.

A 2015 report by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research included a comment describing the early childhood education (ECE) sector as “ready to explode” in terms of its “readiness and interest in cultivating environmental education practice”…

Emphasise Māori knowledge, students tell summit

The government’s first education summit has generated calls for greater inclusion of Māori knowledge, development of children’s life skills, and more cooperation between schools.

An ‘inspirational’ deaf teacher is teaching sign language to hearing toddlers

The Gardens ECE assistant manager Allison Doddrell says Krishna Mohan is inspiring as a teacher…

New programme mooted to tackle unconscious bias in education

Studies show high levels of racial bias and discrimination in schools continues to disadvantage Māori and Pasifika children. Some say a new initiative has already yielded results but isn’t getting the support it needs.

New classrooms put to the test, with mixed results

Studies on flexible learning environments say lots about colour and furniture arrangement – but not much about how classroom design affects academic outcomes…

Govt moves to reduce teachers’ paperwork

Education Minister Chris Hipkins has promised to scrap some official reporting requirements for teachers to reduce their workloads…

The skepticism threshold: is there any evidence for inquiry learning?

Education tends to be a polite profession – debate is generally civilised, at least relative to the febrile political atmosphere we now seem to be living through. Tom Bennett of ResearchED isn’t interested in playing nice though, and his target is one of the pillars that educators rely on for the substance of their work: education research, which he says is in a calamitous state, and broadly doesn’t make the grade when compared to other disciplines. One of this country’s pre-eminent researchers Cathy Wylie says that Tom has a simplistic grasp of the concepts he is tearing down – Tom says it’s the research itself that is the ‘fake news’ in this story…



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