Tuesday 8 May

“Dear Jacinda… Staff are not the problem”

Cabinet Ministers telling staff that good working conditions are an impediment to the success of institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITP) was a mistake, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been told in an open letter published today by the Tertiary Education Union (TEU).

Primary teacher pay talks begin

Primary teachers’ pay talks kick off today with their union, the Educational Institute, seeking a 16 percent pay rise. The institute says a big increase is needed to attract more people into the profession and head-off a growing shortage of teachers. The union’s secretary, Paul Goulter, told RNZ education correspondent, John Gerritsen, it’s not just about the pay…

Kate Hawkesby: The current schooling system just isn’t relevant enough

I think it’s interesting that kids are now calling BS on what they learn in school. The fact schools haven’t kept pace with the modern world is not new, but it’s good to hear students themselves formalizing their views on it, in a forum where they may actually get heard…