Wednesday 9 May

Media release: All existing charter schools apply to become state schools

All existing charter schools have submitted an application to become a state school, Education Minister Chris Hipkins announced today.

Media release: Chlöe Swarbrick accepts petition for postgraduate allowances

Students have found an ally in Chlöe Swarbrick, who received a petition last night calling for the urgent reinstatement of student allowances for postgraduate students. The allowance was scrapped by the previous Government in 2013.

Media release: Building a community of practice

Healthy Families Rotorua are facilitating “He wānanga o te Maramataka” on May 9 and 10 at Pounamunui Marae, to bring together well-known practicioners and champions of Maramataka to share their knowledge.

More than 300 students disciplined for taking a weapon to school

In 2017, more than 300 students were formally disciplined for bringing weapons into schools. Children as young as five are bringing weapons into New Zealand schools.

Mau Rākau grows on the East Coast

Te Whare Tū Tauā o Tūhorouta has started up in Gisborne, making it the fourth branch established on the East Coast, with future plans to expand mau rākau even further in the region.

Christchurch’s Redcliffs School move to be fast tracked

The Redcliffs School site, which has been vacant since it was damaged in the earthquakes, will be turned into a park.

Albany now Massey University’s biggest campus

In another sign of Auckland’s growth and the decline of the regions, Massey University’s Auckland campus has eclipsed its Palmerston North headquarters.

Editorial: We can’t afford to ignore teachers’ claim for better pay

$36,692. That works out at $17.64 per hour — after at least four years of university study, including a degree and a one-year Diploma of Teaching. That’s the starting base salary for a primary school teacher (others with higher qualification can make a little more).


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