Thursday 10 May

NZ Education News will not be sent on Friday 11 May. From Monday 14 May, it will be sent on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning.

Parents get behind teachers adapting to their new environments

A father-of-four in favour of modern learning has rallied behind teachers, saying his “guinea pig” child loves the new classroom styles.

New Zealand woman becomes first-ever Royal Society fellow

Professor Margaret Brimble joins the likes of Sir Ernest Rutherford and Sir Paul Callaghan and 40 other New Zealanders, up to now all men, in becoming a fellow of the Royal Society in London. It’s in recognition of her pioneering work leading to breakthroughs in drug discoveries using natural compounds like marine algae and shellfish toxins.

Meth-using teacher loses registration after stealing $15,000 worth of electronic goods from Auckland school

Ex-teacher James Wallace stole more than $15,000 worth of electronic goods from Hato Petera College on Auckland’s North Shore in December 2015.

Media releases

Minister backs down from statement about staff

TEU – Minister for Education Chris Hipkins has backed down from comments made in a Cabinet Paper that suggested he was prepared to intervene to change working conditions for people working in institutes of technology and polytechnics.

Minister leaves Charter Schools with no option

E Tipu e Rea – Minister of Education Chris Hipkins yesterday announced that each of the eleven operational Charter Schools (Partnership School | Kura Hourua) and one scheduled to open in 2019 had applied to establish state schools.

Mixed review for government’s approach to tertiary education

Good, but could do better. That’s the verdict of the Tertiary Education Union after six months of government efforts to reform the tertiary education sector.

Skills Active Aotearoa gets a new home on the web

Skills Active went live today with a new website that tells the story of our incredible industries and how we support them and their people.



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