Rāmere 20 o Hongongoi

Early childhood centres facing impacts of growing drug use, overcrowded homes

Early childcare services expressed concerns to the Ministry of Education about growing drug use within their communities, and said overcrowded homes were a “relatively new phenomenon” impacting the education of New Zealand’s most vulnerable.

Out of class factors key to pass rates

The Tertiary Education Commission is telling institutions to improve the results for their Māori and Pasifika students or lose their funding.

Deputy chief executive Paora Ammunson says there is a 20 percent gap in completion of level seven and above degrees, between Māori and Pacific folk and other New Zealanders.

Maori lag in workforce equity

Young Māori and Pasifika women and young Pasifika men are some of the most marginalised in the workforce, according to a report from the Human Rights Commission.

Recently released reports


First report on the Education Conversation

The Ministry of Education has now completed its first report on the main themes for the Education Conversation from 11,000 responses.

Growing up in New Zealand

Most Kiwi preschoolers are ready to start school and settle relatively quickly, according to the latest findings of the Growing Up in New Zealand  study.

NZCER mentions


Investing in success

BCITO would like to have a better way of predicting success. With this in mind, we have entered an agreement with the NZ Council for Educational Research (NZCER) who will undertake a two-year study that examines the factors that underlie success and failure for our apprentices.












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