Rāapa 1 o Here turi kōkā

Primary school teachers vote for full day strike

NZEI members will walk off the job on August 15. Lead principal negotiator Louise Green says the decision sends a strong message to the Government that it’s time to fix this crisis in teaching.

Government rejects union’s claim teacher shortage is turning into a ‘disaster’

* The headline should probably read the Ministry rejects union’s claim…New Zealand’s teacher shortage is “swiftly moving from a crisis to a disaster”, the president of the primary teachers’ union has claimed to the “surprise” of the Ministry of Education.

Polytechnic student enrolments jump in second half-year in delayed response to free fees

Student enrolments have jumped in most polytechnics in the second half-year as the tertiary fees-free policy appears to be having a delayed impact.

Simon Bridges’ sister accused of using science classes to teach creationism

Opposition leader Simon Bridges says he’s seen no evidence that his sister has been teaching creationism in place of the New Zealand science curriculum at a private Christian school.

Stats NZ launches well-being research

The government’s policy of making measures of national well-being as important as traditional economic growth indicators took another step forward with the launch of a formal consultation process by the national statistics agency, Statistics NZ, on the public views of how well-being is defined and should be measured.

Media releases


Student projections show teacher shortage at disaster point

NZEI: Ministry figures released to NZEI Te Riu Roa show that New Zealand will have an extra 40,000 primary school students by 2030, requiring up to 1815 additional teachers.

Parliament: Questions and Answers

Handsard: Questions to Hon Kelvin Davis around Charter Schools and Māori achievement. Questions to Hon Chris Hipkins around students with complex needs, and class sizes.




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