Rāhina 13 o Here turi kōkā

Why New Zealand primary school teachers are striking for a day

Primary teachers and principals plan to walk off the job on Wednesday for the first time since 1994 – but why? The people who teach this country’s primary school-aged children are unhappy about working conditions and have told the Government it is time for something to change. But it’s not just about the pay. It’s also about the students.

Māori for all: He waka eke noa

Recent stories from the parents of Māori tamariki and others who want to continue learning Māori as a medium of instruction, have provided insights into the growing but un-met demand for te reo from Māori, Pākehā, and Tauiwi (non-Māori).



Closing NZ’s knowledge gap

What is behind the schism in our education system? The Coalition of Principals’ response to the Government’s NCEA Review has brought to the surface the long-simmering conflict between two opposing camps. It’s one presented in the media as ‘traditional education’ versus ‘progressive education’. That’s not the case.

James Morris: Finest teachers needed to ensure students succeed

If there is one thing that principals know, and parents know, and students, and researchers and even Treasury knows – the most important thing a school can do to ensure this student success is to have the best teachers.

Jane Bowron: Apprenticeships will mentor our young, instead of munting them

Instead of consigning young Kiwis to the scrapheap, the Government wants them mentored rather than munted.


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